Despite being one of the well-known tech firms in the world, Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) poor performance on its computers and iPhone 6s / 6s Plus sales has raised so many questions and more so about its release of the next generation MacBook Pro. Surprisingly enough, there are hundreds of thousands of people waiting for what seems like it will become the best laptop on the market. In any case, its launch is highly anticipated with much more putting it on their wish list.

But even with all this hype for the MacBook Pro, the company has been surpassed by one of its competitors, ASUSTEK Computer Inc.(TPE:2357) pushing to the fifth position of the world’s top vendors with a 7.1% market share of computer sales. The Cupertino-based high-tech company had a 7.4% in the same quarter of last year meaning its current drop in sales was a hard hit. Lenovo Group Limited (ADR)(OTCMKTS:LNVGY) took the lead market share with 21.2%,HP Inc (NYSE:HPQ) with 20.8% then Dell Inc.(NASDAQ:DELL) and Asus followed.

 Analysis of what occasioned the sales decline

It is no secret that the computer sales are alarming and even as many analysts try to unravel the real cause, there is a speculation that more people are holding back their purchase of computers as they wait for upcoming MacBook Pro 2016. It has notable features the like of fingerprint sensor with Touch ID technology, USB Type-C port, OLED touch bar which replaces the traditionally operated function keys.

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how well the eagerly awaited MacBook Pro 2016 will sell which is likely to determine the future of the computer market.

What is expected with the launch of MacBook Pro 2016?

It is a new device after all hence everyone will want to have its feel. Apart from having a greater effect on computer sales, it is also likely to bring a discontinuity of the current MacBook Air. In any case, it has the latest hardware, and it is also rumored that it will have a new operating system from what is currently known.

Nonetheless, it is just a matter of time before the market can evaluate the performance of MacBook Pro 2016 even as Apple goes out of its way to redeeming back the declining computer sales.