China is the new battleground for companies looking to take advantage of the country’s vast population that always acts as a good target market. If recent strategic collaborations are anything to go by, then Lotus Bio-Technology Development Corp (OTCMKTS:LBTD) has already taken note of the amount of growth it could achieve in the country. Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) opening its first theme park in Mainland China last month has already fueled talk of the opening of another park given the amount of love the company is receiving.

Growing Organic Foods Popularity

Recent food safety issues have resulted in a shift in consumer buying habits. Foreigners settling in China in numbers have especially helped bring to light the need to focus more on organic food given their health benefits. Research on consumer lifestyles in China indicates that most consumers are willing to pay more for organic food something that is helping bolster Lotus Bio-Technology Development Corp prospects in the industry.

China’s organic consumables industry is on the rise providing crucial opportunities for growth that Lotus Bio-Technology intends to take advantage of, with its latest push. The bio-natural company has already inked a deal with Humana Cangshi Biological Technology Ltd as part of an effort that seeks to bolster organic products sales.

The two have formed a joint venture that will pursue growth opportunities in the organic consumable industry. Taking advantage of the rapid growth in the consumption of organic products is the newly formed alliance main goal. Lotus Bio-Technology Development Corp (OTCMKTS:LBTD) is especially looking to leverage Hunan Cangshi experience and technology as it looks to expand its wings on the international front as well.

Strategic Alliances

Lotus Bio-Technology Development Corp has been busy inking deals with various biological and medical distribution companies. In addition to Hunan Cangshi deal, the company it has also inked a deal with Phyto Nutraceutical Inc, a manufacturer, and exporter of plant extracts. The bio-natural company has also teamed up with Changsha Huakang Biotechnology Development Co, renowned for the extraction of active ingredients in natural herbs and plants.

Through the strategic collaborations, Lotus Bio-Technology Development Corp hopes to spearhead the development of more organic products to address the growing demand in the market.

CEO, Michael Palethorpe has already acknowledged that the opportunities at hand are a significant indicator of the robust growth potential in the sector going forward. The executive expects their efforts on the development of more organic products to pay up going forward in terms of exponential revenue growth.

Disney Growing Focus on China

Just like Lotus Bio-Technology, Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) has also set its eye on China’s marketplace as it continues to look for new opportunities for growth. Having already opened its first ever theme park in China, there is already talk of the company opening a new park in either Chengdu or Chongqing.

The two metropolises have reportedly opened talks with the theme park giant as they look to become the home of the next theme park in the country. The push has mostly been fueled by the tens of thousands of enthusiastic visitors that attended the opening of the Magic Kingdom in Shanghai.

Bottom Line

China’s massive population remains the key motivator to companies looking to pursue new growth opportunities. With the growth in popularity for organic products, Lotus Bio-Technology Development Corp (OTCMKTS:LBTD) should be able to generate a substantial amount of revenue from its operations going forward. Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) is also looking to take advantage of the country’s vast population given the success it has already achieved with its $5.5 billion Shanghai Disneyland.