T-Mobile US Inc. (NASDAQ:TMUS) has recently filed a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, citing that bigger rival Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) Verizon Wireless is copying its plan offerings minus the same benefits for subscribers.

How Verizon Wireless is Falling Short According to T-Mobile US

T-Mobile US has recently introduced the Data Stash program, which allows plan subscribers to rollover a maximum of 20GB mobile data for up to 12 months. Shortly after, Verizon Wireless changed its plans by allowing subscribers to rollover any unused mobile data for up to another month. According to T-Mobile US, this does not seem beneficial for Verizon Wireless subscribers.

T-Mobile US also noted that Verizon Wireless new offering of allowing those who are subscribed to a plan with at least 16GB of mobile data to access their subscriptions while in Canada and Mexico is patterned on its Mobile Without Borders offering. The only difference is that all T-Mobile US postpaid subscribers, regardless of their data plans, can avail of the offering.

What T-Mobile Wants

In the letter, T-Mobile US urged the FCC to include its concerns in the latter’s annual industry assessment, particularly the aspect of competition. The company believes that the FCC need to carefully consider the competence of T-Mobile US and its compelling offerings by focusing on what can possibly hamper the company from delivering such valuable products and services to the consumers.

T-Mobile US Offers Free Pokémon GO Data

T-Mobile US is taking advantage of today’s biggest trend in mobile gaming, Pokémon GO. Last week, the company revealed that its subscribers can enjoy free mobile data while accessing the mobile augmented reality (AR) game for a whole year. This means that they won’t be charged a single cent while catching pokémons in the neighborhood.

To be eligible for the promo, subscribers need to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. They can claim the free PokéData starting on Tuesday until August 9. It is important to note that they can only claim it every Tuesday until the expiration date.