It was announced today by Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc (NASDAQ:MDRX) that their Allscripts open API Patient Engagement Challenge led to two winners, namely Medlio and PatientLink Enterprises.

This challenge was released by Allscripts this summer in order to try to improve and promote innovation into developing and improving patient interaction and engagement through API connectivity requirements of meaningful use stage 3.

Stage 3 is an indication of The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s Meaningful Use Stage 3 or the (MU3) program, this requires at least one application sent through an API (Application Program Interface).

The use of MU3 allows patients the ability to access their health information. The aim of this program is to promote an innovative mechanism to improve the engagement between patients with their healthcare as well as to greatly improve the ease of access to personal health information.

There were over 20 applications to take part in the Allscripts Open API Patient Engagement Challenge.

Winners of this challenge are awarded a cash prize as well as the opportunity to demo their applications in Las Vegas at the Allscripts Client Experience.

Media, was in first place for this challenge. With a virtual digital “check-in” card, making it easy for patients to check in via their smartphones, as well as to greatly improve transmittance of clinical and patient generated data.

Furthermore, this ensured that there is a more apparent price transparency.

Also, this card enables patients to view current up-to-date insurance benefits as well as to locate doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals nearby.

The runner-up in this challenge was PatientLink Enterprises, which encompasses the use of a user-friendly mobile application MyLinks which aims to connect Doctors, researchers, and patients together.

The use of this application helps to make it easier for patients to request and organize information from all of the relevant providers.

Furthermore, this application aids patients to request for research as well as enables researchers to post questionnaires to patients interested in taking part.

Stanley Crane, the AllScripts Chief Innovation Officer stated that their company is excited to partner up with both Medlio as well as PatientLink Enterprises to develop an innovative mechanism for patient engagement applications to hospitals and providers.