Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) reported that its portfolio unit Kannaway, LLC, the pioneer hemp lifestyle direct selling firm to offer cannabidiol hemp botanical products, introduced a refresh of its globally renowned brand at an event known as “Genesis: People, Purpose, Passion” held in San Diego this November.

The highlights

The 2-day `Genesis’ event comprised award-winning training sessions, and Kannaway leaders commenting on best practices for establishing a better business. Kannaway updated on new leadership at the renowned event, covering direct sales professional Randy Schroeder, who brings “25 years” training experience to the firm. Additionally, a Kannaway stock incentive program was revealed for brand ambassadors, and an incentive trip on a 7-day cruise to Cabo San Lucas. Medical Marijuana portfolio unit celebrated 2 new brand ambassadors that recorded “platinum” level. Following Kannaway’s underway social responsibility measures, Brand Ambassadors gave donations to company’s new charitable sponsor, E.C.H.O.

Blake Schroeder, the CEO of Medical Marijuana’s portfolio unit, said that this event gives birth to a new Kannaway. They are delighted to introduce new brand and message, and 3 premium quality products. Their brand ambassadors are extremely thrilled on Brand Ambassador stock incentive plan. As a firm they are delighted to launch E.C.H.O, which indicates Education, Collaboration, and Hope. Additionally, the management is encouraged to have made along with Brand Ambassadors, the very first input to that endeavor.

Medical Marijuana reported the addition of 3 new products to its product line of CBD hemp oil lifestyle. Kannaway Pure CBD Liquid is the firm’s latest herbal-extract free, premium CBD hemp oil offering that revitalizes the system while stimulating overall homeostasis. Premium Hemp Oil Capsules are now included in the Kannaway Premium Hemp line providing a full-spectrum CBD blend though a capsule delivery mechanism.

Kannaway has redesigned its site to reflect the firm’s new branding. The redesigned website comprises a new video series that highlights the story of Kannaway and trains on the endocannabinoid scheme and CBD.