Aduro BioTech Inc (NASDAQ:ADRO), one of the leading biopharmaceutical companies, boasts of some three distinct immunotherapy technologies at the moment. Today, it has made the move to make an announcement regarding its receipt of the of the East Bay Economic Development Alliance’s (East Bay EDA) East Bay Innovation Award.

It received the reward following its solid innovation edge that has always made it a cut above the rest in the life science industry. Asides from that, the consideration also followed the major contributions it made earlier on towards the prosperity of East Bay as well as in the promotion of its culture of innovation.

The chairman, president and chief executive officer of Aduro, Stephen Isaacs, had a lot to say while giving his remarks. Firstly, the top official took the moment to thank East Bay EDA for recognizing their innovative approach towards tailoring top solutions to assist the various persons suffering from cancer globally.

According to him, the recognition added incentive to the company to continue with its efforts in the various operations to come up with even much better working solutions. East Bay is as a matter of fact what it is today because of the management’s push for the company to embrace a rich culture and prosperity guidelines.

The top executive also talked about the diversity of the company’s community which played a major role towards the success that is being witnessed at the moment. Academic institutions, people as well as business have all played important roles and needed to be acknowledged for their important efforts and that is why they couldn’t be taken for granted during this session.

The innovative new therapies come to those persons that have been battling with cancer for elongated timeframes as some very good news full of high end solutions and promises for a better tomorrow.

He ended his speech by showing the great pride the institution feels in being the one in the position to make the outstanding difference in impacting lives globally. He made it clear that they were not going to relent in their efforts to create lasting and top solutions.