Gogo Inc (NASDAQ:GOGO), which happens to be one of the top and vibrant manufactures for aircraft connectivity services and products as well has today attained a milestone it has been looking forward to for quite a long period of time.

It was a moment of great pride as it was awarded by FAA the Supplemental Type Certification approval for Gogo Biz 4G systems. The certification testing became success and that was thanks to the Gogo’s Bombardier Challenger aircraft which played quite a significant role in the testing process.

Senior vice president of technology and operations for Gogo has been rather vocal on the matter and delighted as well. According to him, the company had succeeded greatly in crossing major thresholds on its way to unveiling the Gogo 4G Biz service.

He talked about the company remaining on schedule with its own system development and went ahead to add that it had recently managed to hit most of the milestones it had committed to upon making the service announcement. The anticipation and excitement by dealers as well as customers is quite evident at the moment and that is giving the company a major incentive to continue with its commitment to offer them the very best.

The company is calling upon all those individuals as well as businesses interested its services to step forward since it is making everything readily available. It doesn’t matter what you need, may it be the additional Gogo Biz 4G or the upgrade programs. It has everything well-laid out for you!

It is a transformational moment for both the existing and the new ATG customers as they get a feel of the boosted services from the high end provider. Some of Gogo’s dealers include: Duncan Aviation, Western Aircraft, Constant Aviation, and Silverhawk Aviation. All the above mentioned bodies are very much dedicated to securing STCs on a wide range of aircrafts and as a matter of fact there is still more to be announced in weeks to come.