Ciena Corporation (NYSE:CIEN) has declared it is expanding the market of one of its industry-leading WaveLogic coherent technology by making it accessible to a wide range of industry leaders.

The latest news from NASDAQ confirms that optical component leaders Lumentum (LITE), NeoPhotonics (NPTN) and Oclaro (OCLR) will each influence Ciena’s WaveLogic technology to build consistent optical modules that will recommend industry-leading rates. This will optimize connections across a broad range of applications.

As a result, every company will become an element of an ecosystem centers on standards-based innovation. This will allow consumers to make options in the promising 400G pluggable market, which is determined by data center interconnect (DCI) necessities for greater range, advanced power effectiveness and low costs.

Ciena will deliver its WaveLogic Ai chipset to Lumentum, NeoPhotonics and Oclaro firms. The firm will however retain its intellectual property. The three will be accountable for manufacturing and retailing and delivery of Ciena-designed 5×7 coherent components by combining both WaveLogic and electro-optics modules.

Also the companies will independently contribute to the improvement of 400G pluggable technologies and the creation of specifications in advance of significant industry forums and standards-setting bodies.

Ciena further, plans to invest in the additional coherent DSP technology in which its partners want to include in the expansion of 400G pluggable modem solutions. This will be accessible for a collection of hardware and systems vendors.

Ciena’s Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, James Frodsham, stated that, availing WaveLogic coherent optics available to other industry players will give greater choice for network operators while hastening innovation and motivating interoperability in the industry.

He added that, Ciena is in a greater position to further broaden its horizons in business by venturing into new locations. In addition, Ciena can improve its performance on the market by addressing the emerging issues of new consumer segments to exploit the monetization potential of its modem technology.”

The Lumentum, NeoPhotonics and Oclaro will facilitate the development of a roadmap for prospective generations of coherent optical modules basing on Ciena’s WaveLogic technology.