Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) Hospitality has launched two new product innovations for food and beverage and hotel clients. The new Oracle MICROS Tablet 720 presents latest mobility capabilities for hospitality operators, while Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics 9.0 grants food and beverage operations with an improved solution for increasing revenue generation and cost saving prospects.

Mike Webster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Hospitality, stated that hospitality brands regardless of size are searching new approaches to accelerate growth while delivering more meaningful guest experiences to consumers.

He announced that Oracle Hospitality will provide its clients with a new ruggedized mobile POS skilled in engaging guests in new means across a range of hospitality segments including hotels, restaurants, stadiums, casinos and cruise ships. Concurrent with the Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics 9.0, food and beverage operators will be equipped with latest insight that can streamline the operations of their businesses.

Oracle MICROS Tablet 720

The latest news from NASDAQ indicates that the innovative MICROS Tablet 720 is engineered to increase revenue opportunities and guest experiences. It is a durable portable point-of-sale tablet intended to permit hospitality staff to connect with consumers away from the traditional terminals.

The mobile POS combines the performance of traditional mobile devices with rugged features and long lasting battery life to meet the needs of exceptional hospitality guest experiences in facilities like bars, casinos, cruise lines, hotels, restaurants and stadiums.

Jay Upchurch, the Vice President of Strategy Oracle Hospitality stated that guest experience and speed of service are the most crucial elements in the hospitality industry. He said that hospitality operators should be more equipped to offer incredible guest services to their guests.

Therefore, Oracle Hospitality has introduced the new Oracle MICROS Tablet 720 to enhance the communication between the hospitality industry and customers by offeringe a ruggedized device talented to serve consumers in diverse environments.

Reporting and Analytics 9.0

Oracle Hospitality also launched Reporting and Analytical Solutions to increase revenue and cost control opportunities in the hospitality industry. The Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics solution is utilized in more than 50,000 restaurants, hotels, bars, coffee shops, stadiums, theme parks, and other hospitality operations worldwide.

Integrated with Oracle Hospitality POS systems, Reporting and Analytics gives hospitality managers with new approaches to sales, revenues, and other key performance indicators of the industry.

The newly launched Reporting and Analytics 9.0 integrate well with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). This is a powerful Oracle’s analytic engine which is prominent across the world for its capability to offer visual reports that assists industry players to create a data-driven culture.

Upchurch of Simphony Cloud stated that with the stiff competition, food and beverage operators should be equipped with knowledge on how to analyze data and discover better ways of cutting costs and increasing revenues in their operations.