ShoreTel Inc (NASDAQ:SHOR) announced the unveiling of a new partnership program between businesses and developers that develop voice and SMS applications on its ShoreTel Summit platform.

Details of the program

The partnership program provides resources including certification training, co-marketing activities and development support. This allows the partners to come up with effective developed communication applications and speed up marketing time.

Partners also gain from the profiles in the company’s online TechConnect Market place hence enhancing their visibility to its existing customer base as well as driving their demand for the services and solutions.

Comments from the company

Mark Robert the CMO of ShoreTel stated that the Summit Partnership Program is a natural extension of TechConnect. Its main objective is to make it easy for organizations to integrate their solutions with ShoreTel Products and ensuring customers have the flexibility to handle their unique cases. Summit program is able to gain as well as expand on that program.

The partnership program also enables ShoreTel to interact with new types of development partners as well as introduce the existing partners to new revenue opportunities.

Types of partners and their benefits

The summit program engages three types of partners including Application, Module and solution partners. Solution partners use the Summit to come up with custom voice and SMS applications as well as integrate communication abilities into customers’ already existing environments.

Multiple long time partners have expanded their firms to become Summit Solution partners which include Converged Technology Professional LANteligence as well as Pallito Consulting services.

Joe Rittenhouse the president of business development for Converged technology Professionals stated that being one of the Summit Solution Partners has helped the company to transform the way they approach their clients.

The company is now in a position to take the clients’ data, make use of Summit Web Services, SMS, APIs and many others to provide real time interactions such as self-help automation, surveys or credit card transactions processing. They are also able to provide business intelligent to customers which is needed to establish the effectiveness. They are also able to meet the clients’ objectives in a way that is unique to their needs without having to invest so much resources.