NEC Corporation and Netcracker Technology Corporation reported that they will be involved in a trial with Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp (ADR)(NYSE:NTT) as well as the Telephone Corporation (NTT) in order to come up with the NetroSphere Concept meant for developing future communication networks.

Details about the NetroSphere

NetroSphere is the construction of a flexible and cost effective concept that is able to respond to the requirements of both the service providers and the customers. The trial organized by NTT verified the network slicing technology which will come in handy in the establishment of the NetroSphere Concept. The technology enables the service providers to use the network resources efficiently only when the resources are needed. This will allow for the realization of various services at much lower and affordable costs.

Observation from the trial

The trial led to distribution of traffic to the most appropriate network as determined by the traffic condition of each device. Netcracker and NEC played a big role in the trial by enabling a virtualized Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE) solution. This allowed for distribution of traffic sent to the most adequate network from each device and an IoT Service Enabler (1) which is able to dynamically transform distribution rules in accordance to the traffic status.

Atsuo Kawamura the senior vice president of NEC Corporation stated that the company is honored that the trials will led to the realization of NTT’s NetroSphere Concept. The vCPE solutions by Netcraker/NEC as well as the IoT Service Enabler are important support tools of network slicing technology. Their results will aid NTT in achieving the network it is working towards achieving.

Benefits expected

The vCPE solutions allow CPE functions to be availed through Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) as a way of developing a more sophisticated network. IoT Service Enablers work together with the vCPE solution and other network equipment which are compatible with 3GPP to allow for such functions as accurate assessments of a network’s as well as the network bandwidth control.

In the end these product and the solution contribute to the development of advanced networks for both mobile and fixed mobile communications. NEC hopes to establish Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in the future. This is in order to enhance further the analytics and monitoring of network data traffic.