Fitbit Inc (NYSE:FIT) may soon be heading towards a trial after being allegedly accused of having stolen Jawbone Inc.’s trade secrets. As a matter of fact, the high end company had directed its resources to hire top lawyers to see to it that the case was done away with. However, all that was in vain as speculations continue to be unleashed regarding the company’s future.

Friday was beyond any cloud of doubt a terrible day for Fitbit after the California judge turned down the company’s argument. The company’s lawyers had tried to convince the court that in deed the lawsuit was wasn’t founded on the best of grounds.

The company was made to understand that the court’s jurisdiction viewed the matter from a much wider perspective in opposition to the trade agency. The Superior COURT Judge San Francisco had spoken in finality and it just had to end on a bad note for the top provider.

The two pioneers in question are said to have been embroiled in a number of legal battles for quiet along period of time and according to some insiders, it should have kick started in 2015.It was precisely during that year that Jawbone went forward to file a lawsuit with claims that Fitbit had plundered employees as well as some very important proprietary details.

One of the litigation analysts for Bloomberge intelligence, Matt Larson on Friday claimed that the ruling on Friday gave Jawbone “another swing at secrets claims nearly identical to its failed ITC suit”

The top analyst added that the trial was longway off and that it would be to the best interest of the accused to try as much as possible to get an out of court settlement. According to him, the lawsuit was a major setback that would pose headline risk for the industry leader.

In his conclusion remarks, the renowned analysts expressed that on his part he wouldn’t in any case be taken by surprise if Fitbit finally resorted to appealing Ulmer’s decision. When asked to give a comment regarding what the final ruling would look like, he declined to do so.