Days after AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) Partner Launches Enhancement and Enablement Tools to Help Accelerate Solution Providers’ Success, the AT&T Audience Network has also Announced Artist Lineup for Exclusive Audience Music Concerts. This is one of the amazing offers that AT&T gives to its customers with the aim of ensuring that the enablement and enhancement tools are utilized in the best possible manner. With such offers, the company will be giving a DIRECT and U-Verse customers more music programming every Friday at 9.p.m. This will be on the AT&T AUDIENCE network.

Utilizing Audience Network with Previously Launched Tools

With the best enhancement and Enablement which was launched by the Partner Exchange, the company is now in a position to deliver entertainment services to its customers. The service will be characterized by original production and exclusive performances for its Audience Music series. Through this offer, the customers can now access music from different artists by tuning in to live concerts and extensive interviews of various artists. With such a move, the customers will be in a position to use the new AT&T enhancements which is offered through switched Ethernet. The use of Ethernet ensures that customers can enjoy faster speed as they stream live music, live concerts and distinguished interviews with popular artists.

Customers Benefit from New Enhancement and Enablement Tools

Many customers have expressed their positive regards with what AT&T has offered. Based on this regards, it is clear that music, concerts and live interviews have become feasible due to faster speed for point-point, any-to-any and hub and spoke implementations. With the new enhancement tools, the company has assured its customers of near instant service provision. This has been made possible through the existence of AT&T Partner Exchange Portal.

Besides using the new enhancement and enablement tools aimed at enabling acceleration of solution provision, the company has designed an efficient support center which has a number of AT&T Partner Exchange Service team. The customers streaming live concerts and artistic interviews have a reason to smile because of 24 hour services. This has promoted proper management of services. It has also been possible to enhance more flexibility and visibility in service delivery. With such attractive services delivered from better enhancement tools, AT&T has helped customers to look forward to live performances and real time screening.