Flex Ltd (NASDAQ:FLEX), the Sketch-to-Scale™ solutions company that majorly deals in building intelligent products for a connected world, has made the move to move ahead and expand its contributions to the renewable energy industry and that will surely come top pass considering the unveiling of the energy storage solutions set to resolve the challenge of integrating wind power and solar into the energy grid.

As a matter of fact, the Advanced Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are playing quite a significant role towards the establishment as well as the growth of the renewable energy industry which is being made possible through the provision of services, frequency control to the grid being at the forefront.

From a general outlook, the Flex solution presents itself as a versatile and standardized energy storage platform for commercial, utility and the industrial users.

The platform is very much appreciated for each and every facet it caters for. It is able to support multiple cell technologies and its design is in such a way that it is definitely able to power density and energy associated with the BESS deployments.

Asides from that, the platform is wired in a particular way it well complies with the exacting standards of the industry while at the same time delivering the topmost levels of security or safety in other words.

The senior vice president of Flex Energy Solutions, Scott Graybeal in making a statement said, “In designing our energy storage solution, we stressed ease-of-installation, minimizing complexity and facilitating rapid deployments. By introducing a standardized, cost-effective and easily-deployed solution, we are enabling wide-scale implementation, with the hopes of further stimulating growth of the renewable energy industry.”

A close collaboration with the Renewable Energy Systems, which is actually one of the most trusted battery energy storage integrators and renewable energy providers in North America, the company is believed to have finalized its first successful deployment of an energy storage solution for the United States.

According to one of the company’s top executives, the recent move is expected to help the company make huge steps forward in terms of become an industry leader in terms of carrying out major service expansion s and the fetching of high revenues in an equal measure.