Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) has today made an announcement saying that Konzum, which happens to be a high end Croatian Grocery leader has moved ahead with its earlier plan to implement Oracle’s retail planning and optimization solutions in a bid to take to the next level the business operations efficiency, enhance collaborations with suppliers, facilitate smart decision making and above all improve alignment with the state network.

There has been a lot of high talk in the air with a large section of the concerned parties questioning the kind of growth being witnessed at the moment. Well, let’s face it; part of the growth being witnessed at this point in time may as a matter of fact be resulting from the huge array of the acquisitions and they are these acquisitions that have contributed towards the development of the now diversified store network.

From a speculative point of view, it is of course easy to see that indeed one needs to deal with numerous exceptions on a regular basis while managing inventory levels for the wider array of the store layouts.

Konzum happens to be a long-term customer who has indeed indicated great dedication towards leveraging the Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management as well as the Supply chain Management solutions to help spearhead the operational efficiencies as well as push growth way up.

According to some recent news, Konzum is said to have extended the partnership and that was made possible through its move take advantage of the Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server to carry out some important business operations.

Empowerment, looked from a broad spectrum can be said to be a great mechanism of giving authority, responsibility as well as control to teams so that they can move ahead to act on their own initiatives. According to some top business analysts, the modernistic sort of retailing does much to transform user experience and at the same time infuse science into the personal based dashboards.

According to the inside sources, the Retail Summit is hoped to include some two intensive days which will see the parties involved in some in-depth discussion regarding business as well as in the strategic exchange of the news information.