From the news trickling in just right now, the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS) has released the great tension that has been there over some time after it went ahead to actually approve the settlement of the two-year old Android antitrust case in Russia

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Yandex NV (NASDAQ:YNDX), Arkady Volozh, this particular day is a special one for the Russian consumers considering that the business giant, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has resolved to move ahead and launch its Android platform in Russia.

It is a transformational opportunity for the company that will see it increase its revenues to facilitate future expansions. But most importantly, the recent news will put smiles of the faces o a lot of users considering that they will now be able to have a wide spectrum to choose from in terms of search engines on their wide range of mobile devices.

According to some trusted sources, Antimonopoly Service was indeed praised for having applied the law in a way that was able to effectively and efficiently restore market competition to provide a major lift to the users in Russia in terms of receiving the very best in terms of products and services.

Competition needs to be observed by the users as well as the businesses as a good thing. Are you questing this? You shouldn’t since it is this competition that usually breeds innovation and eventually better goods and services to the buyers globally.

 However, it is also important to come out in a much clearer way by actually pointing to the fact that it should be the right kind of competition. Unhealthy competition poses a lot of negativity in business and needs to be avoided by all means.

Yandex NV has over the years adhered to the right stipulations in its trading activities and that is the more reason as to why it has remained quite stead as one of the top businesses. One of the company’s top executives firmly believes that the company has nothing to be ashamed of.

Instead, they are happy with the way they move about with their business operations towards upholding the culture of enhancing their products and services to see to it that customers actually receive exceptionally experiences.