Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co (NYSE:HPE) has today gone ahead to make public its success in the acquisition of Nimble Storage Inc (NYSE:NMBL), which happens to be San Jose, Calif-based provider of hybrid-flash and predictive all-flash storage solutions.

The new move to acquire Nimble has been termed by some top analysts as a progressive one since it will oversee HPE in a great way to strengthen its leadership in Hybrid IT.As a matter of fact, the flash storage market has been outlined to be growing at nearly a 17 percent compound annual growth rate and it thus goes without saying that by the giant company doing so well in such a great platform, it must be destined for greatness.

Proper management is definitely one of the major drivers for any high end provider to achieve success in the business world. According to some close sources, the company remains very much committed to delivering its great vision of actually establishing a Hybrid IT that will showcase ease of use the wide range of the provider’s customers.

While speaking, one of the company’s top executive was quick to state that the provider had lately dedicated a lot of its resources and efforts as well towards the productive investments. He said that the company was sure it would pay off in a number of ways.

They were looking forward to actually strengthening as well as deepening their portfolio of the next generation, differentiated and software-defined solutions that would as a matter of fact be able to meet up the everyday challenges that its customers struggle with.

Just like any other top company with a great will to cruise the highest levels of success businesswise, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co has been doing all within its means to sharpen its competitive edge in the market. Through the various challenges, it has been termed by a number of top analysts as a steady company which is business oriented and that also faces challenges head-on to move to the next level.

The recent move according to the company’s insiders is a great step forward, that will see the company give a major lift to its revenues, which will of course facilitate other expansions.