HTG Molecular Diagnostics Inc (NASDAQ:HTGM), which happens to be a top end company in the manufacture of reagents, instruments as well as services for molecular profiling applications, has moved ahead to make the announcement regarding its entry into a research agreement with Centre Léon Bérard.

It is critical to always advance precision when it comes to matters to do with medicine. Centre Léon Bérard has as a matter of fact been providing the framework for molecular profiling studies targeting to take a notch higher precision in medicine over the years.

Centre Léon Bérard is situated in Lyon, France and is well-renowned for being one of the top members of the French Federation of Cancer Centers and UNICANCER, a body which is indeed committed to drawing close about some 20 French hospitals dedicated in the treatment of the various cancer patients.

The Director of Centre Léon Bérard, Jean-Yves Blay said, “We believe this immunogenic profiling of tumors, led by Dr. Pierre Saintigny within the Department of Translational Research and Innovation, will allow us to identify biomarkers with a potential predictive value and to determine if some genetic disorders are linked to immunity status alterations,”. The statement by the top executive was received warmly and was a glimmer of hope for patients around the globe.

The Vice President of European Operations for HTG, Jean Claude Gerard has expressed his great excitement in seeing the company closely cooperate with the Centre Léon Bérard in fighting off the cancer condition.

According to him, the company’s HTG EdgeSeq chemistry is the best placed to handle the initial project considering that its will provide the required conditions that will make it easy for Dr. Saintigny and team to move forward and carry out the molecular profiling on small FFPE samples. In relation to some top company executives, the project is for sure a layout for the future diagnostic opportunities sprouting from the particular collaboration.

HTG Molecular Diagnostics Inc asides from the recent move is said to have lately been engaging in a number of board meetings to actually look into ways that will see them generate higher revenues in future. The company is optimistic that it will be able to achieve significant success levels in the nearby future. That is something we just have to wait and see!