The passage of time is bringing along goodies for users around the globe, the latest being that in a short while every person with a credit card will indeed be in a position to purchase an ad on Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP).

Sometime back, it has been more demanding. In order to move ahead and actually advertise on the Snap Inc.’s signature platform, one has had to work hand in hand with ad partners as well as the app’s sales team. As if that is not enough, one had to move even further to spend up to six figures in a bid to customize a campaign.

However, the top provider’s new self-service Snapchat Ad Manager gives room for any given marketer to purchase an ad on the platform ranging from a full-screen video ad to a geofilter in order to go ahead and direct it to specific particular categories of users.

GOAT and Atom Tickets fall under the category of the more than 20 brands that happen to have been utilizing the ad manager.

The new tool has the capacity to lift up businesses and that is of course by empowering them in such a way that they are able to do proper marketing for their wares on the popular ephemeral messaging app.

Close sources have revealed that it will be availed to the different businesses in different parts of the world from the month of July. Some of the top areas that will be covered include U.K, Canada, Germany, France and Australia.

As a matter of fact the ad manager is constituted by a mobile dashboard which allows users carry our reviews on their ads as well as get to monitor the analytics, all within the app.

The new move creeps in at a special moment when the provider is actually constructing its own television business and as a result inking plans to offer a guide into the original programming from a number of top bodies.

Sources reveal that the provider is currently engaging in a number of crucial discussions and all f them are targeting better service delivery and expansions.