Micron Technology, Inc (NASDAQ:MU) has today made the move to unveil the Micron SolidScale architecture, which happens to be an integrated platform with the capacity to deliver high performance access to compute and storage as well as the breakthrough low-latency.

As a matter of fact, the Micron SolidScale architecture gives an opportunity to the different customers to move ahead and deploy the latest cloud-native applications while at the same time offering major support to the various legacy applications that of course run the present day enterprises.

For instance, let’s consider the numerous virtual platforms and analytics, the online transaction processing and eventually the machine learning. One thing that is for sure is that Micron’s innovative architecture asides from moving as far as delivering data quickly, it also gets to leverage on its unprecedented low latency to deliver faster time to results.

The different top providers that use NVMe SSDs deployed in application servers are in the current times using averagely less than 505 of their respective capacities and IOPS.

While addressing a press conference, one of the top executives for Micron Technology, Inc, Darren Thomas said, “We approximate that companies using NVMe SSDs deployed in application servers today are on average utilizing less than 50% of their IOPS and capacity. With the latest Micron SolidScale architecture, capacity is shared across application servers, unlocking capacity customers have already paid for so that they can do much more with less and unleash flash’s true performance.”

The top executive was happy with most the moves the company was making lately. Micron operates on some very well-defined guidelines. For instance, it puts under close consideration the impact of each workload, the environment in question as well as the application before moving ahead to actually design products, systems as well as technology to cater for the needs of customers who wish to deploy applications faster and indeed get to scale with no limits.

From the records, the high notch provider has remained dedicated to success over the years by channeling its resources to progressive activities. With the technological advancements the world is currently experiencing, one could only imagine how far the company may rise in a few years to come.