Shares of Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:PIRS) on Wednesday went a notch higher. This was after tiny Boston biotech moved forward to actually make an announcement regarding a partnership it was getting into with a big pharma company. The deal of the moment is that one of directing resources towards the manufacture of inhalable respiratory disease drugs.

In the dealing, Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc is expected to fetch about $45 million and an additional $12.5 million but that will only happen after it kick-starts its Phase 1 trial of its lead drug. Sources say that it might turn out to be the most awaited asthma treatment for asthma commonly referred to as PRS-060.

Just like the rest I its pipeline, the substance happens to be an anticalin” — an engineered protein that is expected to pull a long with more safety attributes .Asides from that, it needs to be a lot much easier to deliver and at the same time be of a greater effectiveness in relation to the targeted biological drugs.

AstraZeneca plc (ADR) (NYSE:AZN), which is based in U.K is as a matter of fact expected to move ahead to finance both the commercialization as well as development of PRS-060.

On the other hand, Pieris have to choose between two. It may opt to either co-commercialize or co-develop the substance in the U.S and that will of course be from the mid-stage studies going forward.

On top of that, the companies will be seeking to partner in a joint move to get to advance some four more anticalins all redirected towards facing out a number of the respiratory complications. Well, this will of course show up as a chance for Pieris to co-commercialize or co-develop the two of them.

According to the company’s insiders, the expected milestone payment from this particular dealing could move up to $2.1 billion. There was a jump of about 30 percent in shares of Pieris. That was of course during Wednesday’s market opening.

Collaborations are crucial in order to get to achieve some important objectives that would as a matter of fact be difficult to achieve single-handedly. A lot more is yet to come. We will for now leave it to time.