AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) has in the recent past made a lot of progress in terms of implementing major expansions. It is said to have redirected a lot of resources to enhance its Kentucky wireless and wired networks.

According to one of the company’s top executives, these investments are expected to move quite a long way towards driving a wide range of upgrades to coverage, reliability, speed and above all the overall performance for businesses as well as residents as well. The company also looks forward to seeing the critical services that in a major way do support public safety given a major lift.

In 2016, the industry leader had moved ahead to carry out some wireless network upgrades in Kentucky. Though mired with major challenges, one cannot be blind to the fact that so much has been done in terms of progress.

The president of AT&T Kentucky, Hood Harris in a statement said, “Our wired and wireless build-out plans in Kentucky include hundreds of millions of dollars dedicated to improving our networks. These plans, which also pave the path to 5G mobile services in the years ahead, represent the type of investment that is encouraged by forward-looking public policies like the act modernizing communications regulations that Governor Bevin recently signed.”

The company sticks to the path of success and that is going by the numerous changes taking place in the company. The major transformation is something that has drawn the attention of many, especially investors as hope surges over better day’s ahead.

The president, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Dave Adkisson in a statement outlined,For Kentucky to continue to thrive and serve residents, it’s crucial we have companies investing through thoughtful innovation. By investing in our commonwealth, AT&T is making business growth possible and ensuring our residents have the tools they need to stay connected.”

According to the company’s insiders, the provider is set to make a major investment to upgrade as well as uphold Kentucky’s FirstNet network over the next 25 years, and it will of course be a moment for responders to obtain value, coverage and experience all in one package. It goes without saying that the future as a matter of fact looks bright for the top company.