The new move by Micron Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) to move go ahead and appoint Sanjay Mehrotra, who happens to be the co-founder and former CEO of SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK) has sparked high talk from across the board.

The new chief executive is expected to assume his roles serving in the capacity of the new CEO and president for Micron Technology, Inc. and that should be effective from May 8.In his new position, he will be the perfect replacement for Mark Duncan, who according to close sources had earlier on revealed his plans to retire to the board of directors, something that was met with mixed reactions among the different board members.

For a top company like Micron Technology, Inc., it usually takes a lot of soul-searching and strategizing as well to reach the decision to appoint someone as CEO. According to the company’s insiders, the board held numerous meetings in which the issue of finding the new CEO was highlighted in a major way.

A great need was felt to appoint someone that had the capacity to make the company more competitive in the industry as well as someone that would see to it that the company succeeded in making positive steps forward in terms of making expansions that would facilitate the generation of higher revenues.

According to sources, a lot of names were considered and based on the fact that a lot of people seemed well qualified for the position, the company had quite a difficult time making the final decision.

In as much as reaching the decision needed much calculation, one thing stood out Sanjay Mehrotra experience was unbeatable! This was what the company needed and it finally settled on appo9nting him as the new replacement for Mark Duncan and as a matter of fact expectations surge in the new wake with all the concerned parties looking forward to witness progress and change in the way in which the company will be carrying out its activities.

Robert E. Switz, who as a matter of fact happens to be the board chairman for the company in a statement said, “Sanjay has an outstanding track record of business success and exceptional knowledge of the memory and storage industry. His experience in markets ranging from consumer to enterprise makes him uniquely qualified to lead Micron into the future.”

Sanjay was happy with his new position and after thanking the company he expressed that he looked forward to working with the rest of the diligent officials to help move the company to the pinnacle. We just have to wait and see what becomes of the top provider.