AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) will soon be connecting about 1 million Red Bull branded beverage coolers globally. As a matter of fact, An AT&T Internet of Things (IoT) solution will go a long way helping track as well as manage the supply and demand of their beverage coolers worldwide.

Some top AT&T technologists and developers working at the AT&T Foundry, centers majorly focusing on tech innovation according to some close sources were said to have formed an alliance with the Red Bull team and its partners top come up with a the global IoT solution.

Some top analysts have moved ahead to comment saying that indeed the data will play quite a significant role towards ensuring that beverages remain cold and ready for the various shoppers that might need them. They have also added to say that this particular solution will do much to help identify any issues in order of as to when they appear.

The fact that coolers will give alerts insinuates that workers won’t have to necessarily check the status of each unit in the manual way.

The top company analysts believe that the precise data that will be obtained from the different coolers will provide a near instant access to performance, geo-location information and the temperature stats.

This data also showcases the shopper frequency insight and that is in relation to the door to door activity from the different coolers in different localities around the globe. Whenever a connected cooler door opens and closes, it what usually follows is that the monitor in place moves ahead to collect data and of course on regular intervals it is able to transmit the data through the AT&T Global SIM.

 AT&T IoT Platform (Flow and M2X) as well as the AT&T Control Center usually perform a remarkable task when it comes to processing of data from each of the coolers. The Chief Executive Officer, Business Solutions & International, AT&T Inc, Thaddeus Arroyo while addressing a press conference said, “Our end-to-end solutions support the near real-time monitoring and analyzing of the global beverage market.”

A lot of positive developments are expected in the near future, but we just have to wait and see.