It is a progressive move and one that has sparked much excitement and high talk among users and all the concerned parties. Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) for quite a long period of time has been known to make a lot of progressive moves all in a bid to try and become of the industry leaders.

 Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) has not been left behind either and according to sources it has been seen forming progressive alliances with the target of delivering better services to its wide customer base. It goes without saying that it is a step towards the right direction now that Twitter’s Apple on Apple’s iOS at the moment bears the integrated settings of Apple TV.

As would have been expected, it hasn’t been an easy road towards reaching this dream and according to some close sources, a lot of resources have been directed towards this and you can take it to the bank that soon there will be the establishment of even better deals considering what has been put in place as the near future strategies by the top providers.

In a very competitive business environment, it is important to move with the times to ensure that you compete effectively and the wild competition from the related providers haven’t stood in the way of the two giants coming up with strategies to counter the competition as well as get to generate the highest revenue levels.

The latest move comes during a moment when twitter through a board meeting had arrived at the decision to actually bring onboard Todd Swidler. The new top executive will be serving in the capacity of the new Global Head of Live Business.

While addressing a number of top news reporters, one of the company’s top officials clearly stated that it was indeed a timely move and that Swidler will be running the business facet of its live video efforts, which speaking from a point of knowledge happens to be a growing focus in line with the social media firm which has been termed by some reports as having ambitions to move higher to become a digital TV distributor.