AT&T (NYSE:T) is hopeful that the proposed deal to acquire the Time Warner properties would be approved by end of the year. The contract is currently trending at $107.50 and awaiting the sanction from the United States Department of Justice.

The deal which has faced opposition from the newly appointed President due to the alleged concentration of power in the hands of a few people is now showing possibilities of closing up at the end of the year. The previous year was regarded the transformational year for the company including the conclusion to purchase Time Warner.

AT&T plans to acquire the Time Warner as their approach to harmonize the first-class content together with superior distributions that will enhance innovation and give variety to the consumers. When the deal is successfully closed, the company will launch a wide range of service offerings by merging the HBO, the Turner premium, and Warner Bros content collectively with telco’s network systems and distribution channels.

The TV networks have been facing challenges lately with low returns reported in the first quarter of the year. The deal will unite all the Time Warner’s huge content and distribute to the audience across the whole world with the AT&T large customer network, which has the greatest pay TV subscriptions globally and the agreement will strengthen the TV networks, mobile and data distributions.

The new agreement will improve the service offerings to the consumers. The customers will have the access to the premium content on all kinds of devices and platforms they will also have a wide range of selections for both mobile and video stream services and competitive options to the cable TV firms.

With a network connection that covers over 315 million users in the U.S. the united company will try hard to become the largest mobile provider to offer bundled mobile and video broadband services. The new partnership will drastically change the normal entertainment model and push the content to be easily accessible to the users in mobile-friendly platforms for the benefit of consumers.