AT&T Inc (NYSE:T), which happens to be one of the industry leaders has its hopes held high that eventually its acquisition of the Time Warner Inc (NYSE:TWX) will be approved. It as a matter of fact expects to see upside through the year to the deal price which at the moment stands as about $107.50.

This top company has experienced a “bee hive “of activities all targeting to push the provider a notch higher in terms of achieving the greatest levels of success. In the recent past it has had add extra effort in a bid to thrive as well as put up with the rising competition in the world markets.

While making his statement, the chairman who is at the same time the CEO of AT&T Inc , Randall Stephenson asserted that the “one-track” Justic Department of the company’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner wasn’t form any basis in the delay of the initial timetable for closing the deal at hand.

In one of the interviews, Stephenson said, “The filing has been made with the Department of Justice. The review is ongoing right now. There will not be a filing with the FCC. We’re going to assume no licenses from Time Warner. It will be a one-track review. The Department of Justice will review it. And that’s going at pace,” he continued. “We still think we’ll be closed by end of year.”

He proceeded, “I’ve had two conversations with President Trump and his administration. In neither one of those conversations was there any discussion about this deal. So those kinds of conversations would not happen.”

As anyone would have guessed it, it would as a matter of fact be rather challenging to actually obtain a green-light from the government. According to some trusted sources, President Donald Trump showcased great opposition to the merger and  that was during one of his fiery presidential campaigns. According to the U.S president, it would be very much unfair to concentrate hat he referred to as too much” in the hands of only a few and he proceeded to make a promise that he would eventual turn that down.

Close sources to the company say that the deal may come to a close by year end. However, this is a matter we just have to lea e to time!