Centurylink Inc (NYSE:CTL) is currently offering faster gigabit fiber-ready broadband speeds to a wide customers base, both large and small in Arizona.

It was indeed in the course of this week that CenturyLink made a move forward to actually provide the required infrastructure that would see to it that there is the generation of faster Internet speeds to 2,533 multi-unit office buildings located in Arizona and still on the same note it is of paramount importance to mention the over 810 buildings all lying within the Phoenix metro area.

As a matter of fact it is crucial to bring it to the limelight that indeed CenturyLink has for quite a long period of time gone far and wide to actually provide fiber services to a large number of buildings. However, this particular instance is different in a way considering that this is as a matter of fact the second largest expansion.

The vice president of Arizona operations for CenturyLink, Chris Denzin while addressing a press conference said, “Over the course of multiple years we will spend hundreds of millions of dollars nationally laying fiber in the ground or on poles to reach businesses. We’ve essentially doubled up in size. This is another significant investment in this segment.”

The beauty that comes with the new service lies in the fact that the wide range of business will get to benefit in a great way. A lot of great things await users including the download speeds of 1 gigabit per second, symmetrical uploads, managed IT solutions, cloud-based services and above all the as well as voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

It is a great thing learning that the latest dynamics are having the various small and mid-size businesses gain great access to fiber services. Easy and faster accesses to data services as well as major scalability are some of the benefits the wide range of businesses will be excited over.

It is actually an opportunity to take their businesses a notch higher into the global arena by leveraging on technological advancements the world is currently experiencing.