AstraZeneca plc (ADR) (NYSE:AZN) came up with a new immunotherapy drug durvalumab which according to sources will move quite a long way to actually tone down the risk of stage III lung cancer worsening, or even a much worse scenario where it might end up causing death during a trial.

The product can be said to have obtained a major boost following the lately held trial and the company’s insiders have speculated that it might turn out to be the much anticipated blockbuster drug that will see the provider fetch billions of dollars.

Sources indicate that the drug which will as a matter of fact go by the brand name Imfinzi will be working on the principle of helping the immune cells of the human body face out cancer and thus offering the perfect alternative to chemotherapy and it is just amazing to witness how fast the world is moving towards coming up with top end remedies for complications that the population has been struggling with for ages.

At the moment, expert opinion has it that AstraZeneca is set to have in place a “sizable market opportunity” and this is of course in regards to facing out the advanced lung cancer and this of course refers to the potential off-label use in patients and that is during the very early stages of the complication.

The recent study has beyond any reasonable cloud of doubt indicate strong results. The medical revolution cutting across is a remarkable one considering that Imfinzi in a major way reduces the risk of death or the more advanced cancer.

One of the top researchers in his reported noted, “Overall, (the expert) viewed the top-line results as a positive surprise and expects broad uptake among eligible patients assuming the (progression-free survival benefit) seen in the full data presentation is clinically meaningful,”

It is crucial to point out one fact that may seem rather obvious, but it is a very central one! Those patients who lung cancer may prove problematic being faced out through surgery and choose to go the radiation or chemo way may as a matter of fact be subjected to pretty longer treatment durations.

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