Yahoo! Inc (NASDAQ:YHOO), which happens to be the former internet giant has lately been facing criticism from the German Federal Office in regards to information security and what has made matters even worse is the fact that the provider was reluctant to cooperate in an ongoing investigation that was looking into revelations about hacking that had shown up earlier on.

It send mixed reactions among the various concerned parties considering that indeed Yahoo had admitted to suffering from a major data breach in its long standing history.2013 was for real a different year on the account that more than a billion accounts had in a conspicuous way been compromised. At the moment, the company’s woes are ongoing after drawing wrath from a Germany Cyber agency.

The U.S justice department has over the years been known to be pretty good at carrying out investigations and the latest revelations have left a lot of people agape. It has as a matter of fact indicted some two Russian spies on the account that they had allegedly been spearheading the historical hack. It I sending waves of confusion around to just witness Yahoo isolating itself from the investigations and one can’t help but smell a “rat”

The question that rushes to the minds of many, even the less informed individuals is on why Yahoo seems less keen to working with the German government in regards to such a matter that is destructive to not only the users, but to the company itself.

A lot of speculation continues to crop up in relation to the matter and it goes without saying that the company’s management needs to do something about the matter before the controversy eventually “brings it down in flames”

BSI, which is a German agency, is very uncomfortable with the way Yahoo is going about the matter and has gone ahead to issue its threat to Yahoo. It is calculating on going public over the matter, a thing that will paint the provider in a very bad light globally.

One thing stands out in the whole of this matter-users need to be very much careful with whomever they choose to entrust their data with.