Juniper Networks, Inc. (NYSE:JNPR) has announced that its vMX Virtual Router will be used to build Coloclue’s next generation network platform.

Juniper Networks made the announcement today, revealing that its vMX virtual router will play a key role in the creation and deployment of Coloclue’s next generation platform. The virtual router from the secure networks company will allow Coloclue to refresh the whole of its network environment.

The vMX virtual router is the star of the show

Coloclue will employ the vMX carrier-grade virtual router from Juniper Networks on its NFX250 network services platform. The main takeaway from this is to leverage the automation features of the Juno operating system to create what the fir network supplier describes as a “self-driving network.” It also hopes that using the virtual router will allow it to cut down on costs as well as testing time. This will in turn give the company more time to focus on deployment activities that generate more value.

“Coloclue had two significant requirements: to minimize our expenditure and maximize our investment in line with our non-profit organization objectives, and to meet the rigorous technical requirements of the engineers who will operate the network. Juniper Networks and Infradata understood our needs and provided us with a solution that delivers the best of both worlds,” stated Coloclue chairman, Paul de Weerd.

The vMXvirtual router is designed to offer a wide array of advanced routing functions as well as providing an open platform for network automation. This gives engineers an opportunity to create a realistic network environment. It also allows them to gain experience with the wide range of automation tools offered. Paul also pointed out that matching the virtual router with the NFX250 is the perfect mix for the organization.

Juniper Networks has also teamed up with  Infradata B.V in the deployment of Coloclue’s next generation network platform. Infradata is a top independent network integrator whose main focus is creating, securing, integrating and managing next generation networks on behalf of service providers, telecommunication firms as well as enterprises that operate mission critical networks.

Juniper Networks closed the latest trading session at $29.63.