America Movil SAB de CV (ADR) (NYSE:AMX),which happens to be one of the leading telecommunication companies globally has lately been laying down numerous progressive strategies that would see the company improve user experience and at the same time generate high revues. By the end of this particular year, the high end provider hopes to proceed with the move to unveil a 4.5G network in Mexico, news that has sparked much excitement among all the concerned parties.

A number of top news reporters moved out to try and squeeze some information regarding the exact investments figures from the CEO Daniel Hajj. Unfortunately, their efforts were futile since the top executive declined to comment further for reasons best known to him.

Let’s face it as it is. The world is evolving pretty fast in terms of adopting top end and the newest in terms of technological advancements. In fact there is a major scramble between the various top providers to take advantage of such technologies to increase their competitive edge and cope with market competition. However, the most important part for the top provider is to actually see to it that the adoption of a faster network materializes and that means the provider will be in a good position to handle even more traffic.

It was the dream of Carlos Slim that the company thrives in terms of business and it actually boosts its capacity to deliver top end services to the different users. Quite much has been done a long this line, but the latest move is just one of a kind and according to most of the top analyst that have been looking into the company much closely, the future looks quite promising.

Rising to the highest levels of business success doesn’t come easy. It takes quite much and most of the top companies can attest to that. According to one of the company’s top executives, the company, just like most of the top end provider has been doing pretty much in terms of investments to actually modernize networks and the changes brought by the move cannot be downgraded!