The data from a mid-stage study released on Wednesday has brought about a number of revelations. But most importantly was the revelation that indeed the $14 billion spent by Pfizer Inc (NYSE:PFE) to actually acquire the breast cancer drug wasn’t indeed in vain. The drug was expected to play a key role towards facing out tumors.

 From a series of treatments carried out earlier on, the drug had exhibited some promising results and patients from across the board should be excited considering that they will empowered to actually keep the disease in check!

Taazoparib-the drug, as a matter of fact lies in the category of medicines going by the name PARP inhibitors that are known to induce tumor cell death. The amazing part and which should impress most of the patients is the fact that the PARP inhibitors have sparked a string of hope after they were discovered to bear remarkable properties that would as a matter of fact help face out both the ovarian and the breast cancers.

Let’s say matters as they are. Both Ovarian and breast cancers have sparked major discomforts in patients around the globe making them lead frustrated and miserable lives. Every cloud has its silver lining considering that the issue has caused most of the top end companies and research institutions to actually delve into the matter and from the current news, great advancement have been done in this particular regard.

A Phase II study was said to have tested this particular drug with a number of women who had as a matter of fact showcased the advanced breast cancer with a much closer link to the hereditary mutations of the BRCA1/2 genes.

This happens to be exact kind that led to a celebrity like Angelina Jolie,a movie actor, to be subjected d to a preventive breast removal surgery after it was discovered that she suffered an increased risks of cancer.

Maria Koehler, the Pfizer’s vice president of strategy for oncology while addressing a press conference lately went ahead to outline, “The program for talazoparib includes broad and competitive development plans in multiple tumors.”

It thus goes without saying that there is much hope for cancer patients globally considering that fact that so much is ongoing in regards to facing out the complication.