STMicroelectronics NV (ADR) (NYSE:STM), which happens to be global semiconductor leader has done a remarkable job supplying automotive electronics globally as well as serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications in the best fashion ever.

In the latest news, the provider has been said to have stricken an alliance with a top end Chinese GNSS chip designer and Allystar, which as a matter of fact is a spin-out from CEC Huada Electronic Design Co. Ltd. In the new alliance, the parties will be closely cooperating in a joint move to get to develop as well as market (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) solutions for automotive products as well as a wide array of some other applications and the move has been praised as a progressive one my most of the concerned parties.

Business dynamics are real and most of the top competitive companies can hugely attest to this. GNSS solutions and technologies, and in this special light let’s take China’s BeiDou navigation system as a perfect example, have been known to play quite a significant role in numerous domains all related to a wide range of domains and linked to smart mobility.

Radars, cameras, sensors and more specifically the enhanced-precision location technology powered by the multi-constellation GNSS solutions have been termed as very much important for the autonomous cars.

Like it or not the world is moving at a very fast pace towards adopting high end technologies in carrying out most of the operations and the future looks bright. One of the company’s top executives while briefing a press conference showed his excitement over the quick adoption of technology by the various businesses globally which has gone far and wide to help improve customer experience. He added to say that the company was not going to let any advancement bypass it since it wanted the very best for customers since that would eventually help them fetch even higher revenues to fund more expansions.

The Executive Vice President and General Manager, Automotive and Discrete Group, STMicroelectronics, Marco Monti while speaking to a number of news reporters said, “GNSS positioning technologies are vital for a variety of services and applications and will be one of the key building blocks for autonomous-driving solutions. Working closely with Allystar, the Chinese leader in GNSS/BeiDou solutions, allows ST to better address the enormous positioning market of China and Asia.”