A top end anti-virus security system may soon be hitting the markets according to some trusted sources. This is after BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) arrived at a decision to collaborate with some two car companies in a bid to develop an anti-virus that would serve the various customers’ needs.

Business dynamics are real and any top end company with an eye for success needs to constantly check out these shifting dynamics in order to thrive through the shifts which occur from time to time. The move to form an alliance with the two car companies has been praised by most of the concerned parties terming it a progressive move capable of producing tangible results.

In as much as the news sparked waves of excitement from across the board, the reality of the matter is that still a lot of questions are being posed in the background. A large number of people have been seeking to understand exactly how the system was going to operate.

After being confronted by a number of top news reporters, one of the provider’s top executives moved ahead to give quite an elaborate explanation which helped clear the air around the matter.

He outlined that that the system was indeed going to operate quite effectively. The top official went further to explain that it would be scanning vehicles, something that would see to it that the various drivers are made aware of any virus present. The system would of course move ahead to ask them to stop driving in case of virus detection.

However, it is important to state issues as they are! Sometime back BlackBerry has faced a wide range of challenges that have impacted it negatively in terms of business success. Another top executive working with the high end provider during a press conference said that they had lost a substantial proportion of their market share various android phones and Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL).This as a matter of fact has taken place in the recent years.

BlackBerry continues to exhume great confidence in the fact that the new security system move will in a major way help boost their bottom-line.