Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has some interesting news for its wide customer base. In announcement made yesterday by one of its top officials, the top provider declared its intention to actually make its thunderbolt 3 specifications royalty-free, which according to sources will be effective next year. As a matter of fact this revelation is something that most of the customers should be concerned about.

According to some top business analysts, the latest move will go quite a long way in helping boost adoption of the protocol. Quite much has been taking place recently and the other thing worth of mention was the move by the high end provider to move ahead with the decision to do away with its discrete 3 component after which it would go ahead to move it into the CPU itself which eventually would provide for thinner as well as more power-efficient devices.

It is undeniable that technological advancements are sweeping across the world at a neck-break speed and it will for sure excite most of the users to comprehend that from now moving forward any port will have the ability to charge the system as well as get to connect to the Thunderbolt devices, billions of USB devices and every display.

Intel is at the moment touting its 40Gbps protocol and what a great moment it is to witness the kind of USB-C that actually does it all considering that it showcase the capability to actually support USB, Display port, Thunderbolt, PCI Express protocols as well as transfer power across devices.

Most of the top notch companies are usually very keen when it comes to formulating strategies to help them forge forward in terms of economic developments. Some of the decisions by Intel may be seen by many as quite extreme, but let’s face it-any company does what it considers to be for its own best self interest.

The recent decision by Intel to move ahead and fire 12,000 people that have been working it sparked high talk and mixed reactions as well. It seemed incomprehensible but one of the company’s top officials ran to the defense of the company citing it a preparation for a better tomorrow.