T-Mobile US Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS) lately reached at a decision to go ahead and unveil its newest promotion which according to sources specifically targeted the various customers that were loyal to Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE:VZ).The top provider remains much dedicated to moving its network and actually rise to become of the industry leaders.

While addressing a press conference, one of the top executives working with T-Mobile revealed that they had laid down plans already that would see them move forward to pay the full balance of Verizon customers’ phone lease that would move high up to $1,000 provided they showcased willingness to abandon Verizon in its favor.

As a matter of fact this latest development has sparked high talk worldwide and actually the wild competition among providers globally is actually moving a notch higher. It is not the first time such a phenomenon is taking place.

As a matter of fact, each and every provider in the current times is exploring each and every possibility that could help it climb to the top to become an industry leader. The move by T-Mobile might show up as rather extreme, but business is about willingness to take risks. The decision was arrived at in the latest board meeting and the company hopes that it is on its way to the top!

T- Mobile believes that by doing all within its means to actually revamp its subscriber growth it will be able to boost its revenue streams and as a result be able to facilitate plans on expansions

Some other sources have indicated that Verizon wireless during the first quarter witnessed its revenues go down by about 5.1 percent and it is at this particular moment when it was reportedly said that it had lost about 307,000 subscribers. According to the company’s insiders, a board meeting was organized to look into that in the hope that the company would move ahead to do something about the matter.

T-Mobile on its part went ahead to stipulate that indeed its newest offer would only apply to those persons that were signing up for a new T-Mobile One service line with device protection and still on the same it is important to stet that the promotion kick starts on May 31.