Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE:BSX) has today made public the positive results emanating from from the Post Approval Clinical Trial which was put in place to help in the evaluation Bronchial Thermoplasty (BT) in acute Persistent Asthma (PAS2) research that looked into a number of patients that were being treated with the Alair™ System.

 The American Thoracic Society International Conference in Washington, D.C oversaw the presentation of data that brought it out pretty clearly that indeed BT played quite a significant role in terms of toning down numerous complications associated with the various adult patients that were diagnosed with severe persistent asthma.

The current times are calling upon the various research institutions as well as the health and wellness companies to actually do more in terms of coming up with the most appropriate drugs to help curb the various diseases that are sprouting in the course of time.

Combating the severe conditions requires delving into steroids and in-depth research and it is important to point out that there is actually so much going on it terms of formulating news cures. It is of course compelling the research institutions to redirect huge amounts of resources in the activities, but one thing that is for sure according to some top analysts is that we are headed towards the right direction.

PAS2 as a matter of fact happens to be an open-label study and according to some of the top sources, it is said to have enrolled about 284 patients at 27 research centers all based in Canada and the United States.

The principal investigator and director for Yale Center for Asthma and Airways Disease while addressing a press conference said, “The findings of the PAS2 study provide important real-world evidence that patients with poorly controlled severe asthma on high doses of medications, including biologics, experience significant and sustained improvements in asthma control following BT.”

He proceeded; “These results reinforce previously published data from randomized controlled studies and demonstrate that BT delivered by the Alair System is both safe and effective for a wide range of patients with severe asthma.”

Boston Scientific remains much committed and dedicated to transform lives by coming up with top and innovative medical solutions that enhance health of patients globally. The future seemingly looks bright for the various patients.