Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) has offered a ‘Magic Box’ device that is likely to improve the LTE data connection for all customers within their coverage range. The indoor shoe-size-plug-in tool will be placed close to a window in the house. It’s offered free of charge to all its eligible customers, without extra costs for installation or rent.

The company says the device will save them huge costs that would have been incurred when constructing network backhaul. The Magic Box which is expected to enhance both cell and data connections will not need a router or a set of WIFI networks. Instead, it will connect routinely to the closest Sprint cell spot to enable users to install and start experiencing high-speed data network coverage.

The Magic Box uses a unique technology system which is different from the cells Sprint applies on poles and other places in the market. The new proficiency will improve data speed for users who want to download video games and Internet surfing who are currently experiencing poor network connectivity.

The company’s latest tool will be offered to both businesses and individual customers who reside in the U.S. for free. The thrilling box will boost the speed for downloads and uploads up by about 200% within the vicinity area of 30,000sq feet. One box is sufficient to cover one residential home or business entity with high speed connection.

According to the company, the product is very simple; it only requires a plug-in and the users automatically start enjoying the great services. The firm has already started receiving positive feedback from many clients who are currently using the tool. Sprint has by now distributed around 5,000 magic boxes across the country.

The product is one of the devices that the company has deployed in most of key metropolitan areas including Denver, Indianapolis, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York, and Houston. The firm has contracted a different company to carry out the trials in these regions. T-Mobile also had related approach when they offered their clients with a special Cell-Spot that was meant to enhance its network coverage.