Savara Inc (NASDAQ:SVRA), which happens to be a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical provider majorly focusing on the development as well as the commercialization of novel therapies in line with the treatment of severe complications has made news today.

News hitting headlines at the moment are that it has moved ahead to close its recently announced merger with Mast Therapeutics, Inc. This as a matter of fact spells out the fact that from now going forward the stockholders of Savara will be the majority and in the same light it is important to also clearly outline that the operations of both Mast and Savara are at the moment t combined.

Savara Inc, which happens to be a post-merger company is situated in Austin, TX and is associated with some three different inhaled product candidates. According to some close sources, each of the products is on the advanced levels of clinical development.

The fact that Savara’s current management team will be entrusted with offering the right kind of leadership to the company has sparked high talk among different parties; investors being one of them. However, the bottom-line remains seeing to it that the operations are taken to a whole new level and that more revenue is generate to aid in carrying out major expansions.

Recently, the Chairman and CEO of Savara in a press conference said, “Savara’s transition to the public market marks a significant milestone for us, and serves as testament to the determination of our team as well as the support of our investors to date. Savara’s team is passionate about helping those who suffer from rare and debilitating lung diseases and will dynamically pursue opportunities to develop impactful products to treat such conditions. We believe Savara presents an attractive business opportunity with our pipeline of unique products with considerable market potential, as well as significant value-driving clinical milestones.”

The latest move only happens to be one among the many strategies the provider has been lining up in the quest to try and push the company much higher in terms of business success. Some of the strategies have been implemented whereas others will follow the recent move.

Most of the investors are happy about the various changes that are being undertaken by the provider. They remain hopeful that they will be able to gain from the changes being made.