Latest news reveals the new move by ParkWhiz to go ahead and make big hire in an effort to remain competitive. The announcement was made on Thursday. It had Dan Roarty announced as the new president of the market place and the consumer brands.

Roarty sets foot in ParkWhiz from Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN). He is said to have headed the deal site’s marketplaces initiative.

Asides from that, the top executive had also served in a number of some other top companies thus obtaining the much needed experience to serve in his new capacity. As a matter of fact, any move by any top provider is received with mixed reactions and in Roarty’s appointment case was no different .However, one of the company’s top providers asserted that the new move would benefit the company in a great way and that all the concerned parties including investors would reap from the new move by the company.

One of the company’s top executives has moved to the forefront to say vindicate Roarty’s appointment outlining that the new official in deed had a “proven record of growing consumer brands.”He added to say that as a company they were very much delighted about the fact that the new official capacities considering that he had the potential top fast scale marketplace business, and ParkWhizz is a good example.

According to the company’s insiders, the dashboard may in the future play quite some significant role in the friction less parking. Some top analysts have moved ahead to inspire hope among people around the globe by stating that by 2020 more than 250 million cars will be internet connected.

The technological advancements being experienced around the globe are sparking major transformations around the world and enhancing lives in major ways. It is amazing witnessing how much different businesses are embracing new technologies in their production activities and for sure the future is quite promising.

ParkWhiz at this particular point has about 12,000 parking locations and that is across the United States and sources close to the company reveal that a third of them are actually bookable on demand.