Some years back, Cisco Systems, Inc (NASDAQ:CSCO) had been trying out numerous strategies. But the more the giant company did it, the more it appeared as if it was building castles in the sand.

 This year marks a significant moment for the top provider after it went ahead to unveil an Internet of Things (IoT) platform targeting making a number of deployments much easier, a move that has been praised by most of the concerned parties.

A lot of people have been posing questions in the recent past with a large number seeking to understand what the expected partnering with Microsoft Azure would bring to the table to help better connect edge devices. One thing that will all have to first and foremost agree to is that this is a timely move especially for Cisco.

The networking giant according to sources went ahead to outline its new platform, dubbed the Cisco IoT Operations Platform, which of course happened at the provider’s IoT World Forum that took place in London. The general manager of Cisco’s IoT and applications unit, Rowan Trollope went ahead to highlight the effort in a lately published blog post.

A t this point in time it is also crucial to point out that Cisco’s IoT Operations Platform comprises of numerous tools that aid in establishing connections at scale through the provider’s technologies and industry partners.

The other thing that might for sure interest a lot of people is the latest survey which established that about 40 percent of IoT deployments were able to make it past the pilot stage, though only a “handful “ was deemed successful by the various business leaders.

Embracing business dynamics and in this case in the best fashion is something that most of the top providers globally are beginning to embrace. No need to lie about it! In a fast changing world where business competition has become the order of the day there is need for any company to do all within its means to see to it that it actually succeeds in the quest to ruse to the top or maintain its position in the market. The software giant has expressed its intention to partner with Cisco, and we could only hope for the very best!