It is just unbelievable how Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (NASDAQ:AMD) stock swung upon earlier reports about Intel graphics-licensing deal which a number of top analysts came out of the “woodworks” to term “fake news” Lisa Su said, who happens to be the Chief Executive office working with the top provider while speaking to a number of the top news reporters said, “Jeremy Owens/MarketWatchAMD is not enabling a competitor to compete with our products,”

As a matter of fact, the statement by the top official has sparked high talk and arguments in equal measure with a lot of people seeking o understand just where the top provider is headed to in terms of service delivery and business success.

One thing that a lot of people might agree to is the fact that there is need to end the chatter that AMD would be making the move to go ahead and license some of its graphics chip designs to its rival of many years, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC).

Business dynamics show up in many different ways but the most important way since time immemorial has been the way the various companies choose to approach them. For quiet sometime now, the provider’s shares haven’t really kicked. The performance has been mixed at best in the last five years, but one thing that is for sure is that strategies are being put in place to see to it that tremendous steps forward are taken.

Lisa Su has been showcasing much concern and reportedly she has been traced making efforts to actually shoot down the recent rumor that doesn’t seem to die off. We can only but hope things get better in the long-run.

What is sparking about a lot of confusion among the concerned parties is about the move by Intel to go ahead and scrap off the rumors as untrue. A group of analysts have also shown up citing that the whole episode was baseless. They added to say that the technology giant was as a matter of fact under no pressure to license graphics technology as was alleged earlier on.