A number of top trusted sources have gone ahead to reveal that Facebook, Inc Common Stock (NASDAQ:FB) has moved ahead to sign into a series of video-content deals with Vox Media and BuzzFeed. In some other news, it has been revealed that Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) moved forward to actually discount ads which it hopes will go quite a long way to help it boost its quarterly revenue.

Facebook has lately been considering inking partnerships with likeminded parties in a bid to try and generate content for an upcoming video service and if this goes through, no one will be in a position to underestimate how high the company could jump in terms of generating high revenues and making significant strides towards implementing major expansions.

Facebook since its formation has never been shy of channeling resources into deals it considers lucrative. Sources indicate that the top provider has already established plans that will see it buy content and as a matter of fact it expects that will help it pose wild competition to the renowned Snap.

A number of reliable sources have indicated that last week Facebook successfully went ahead to actually stream its first of 20 Friday night Major League Baseball games. Seems quite an amazing way to get started and one could only hope for the very best.

In a number of the board meetings, members had given a resounding “go-ahead” with the plan which they deemed would help the company make positive steps forward to become an industry leader.

Might seem quite a simplistic way to get started, but with a company of Facebook’s stature, one could only hope for so much. Snap on the other hand has reportedly been said to be offering a 10% in terms of discounts. That is not the only thing since it has also been giving attractive incentives and the long and short of it has been to try and give a lift to the advertising revenues. The giant company looks forward to boosting its financial performance and of course that is in its current quarter following the earlier on obtained Q1 figures.