Deutsche Telekom doesn’t yet seem shaken by the regulatory environment in the United States under the Trump administration, which as a matter of fact had send tremors across many nations worldwide some time back. Some of the top trusted sources have revealed that T-Mobile US Rg (NASDAQ:TMUS) is currently under M&A speculation.

Most of the top investors during an interview expressed their views citing that they had great hope that indeed that a pro-business government under Trump will showcase much willingness to get into deals which would as a matter of fact spark a wave of consolidation in the media sectors as well as in the U.S. telecoms.

A number of top news reporters lately confronted Tim Hoettges, who happens to be the company’s chief executive. They wanted the top executive to move ahead and actually disclose what exactly Deutsche Telekom had received from Trump’s administration. His answer left most of them speechless when he pulled the last thing they would have expected by citing that the company had benefited a lot from the regulatory environment put in place by the new administration.

On the part of the company itself, some years back it had been trying a number of strategies in order to kick. However, the more they did it, the more it appeared as if it was drawing lines in the sand.

The latest changes in the way it carries its operations has been termed by some top analysts as the perfect strategy to get the giant top kick again; like in the old good days. It goes without saying that most of the concerned parties look forward to a moment that the company will actually see the bitter sweet rollercoaster behind it!

Let’s face it once and for all. The role a great and supportive business climate plays towards enhancing businesses can’t be ruled out for whatever reason. The top provider seems justified clinging on supportive business environment as something that the administration had offered it. According to one of the top officials working with the company, they couldn’t have asked for more and that they were on their way to business success stardom.