Opko Health Inc (NASDAQ:OPK) has today made the much waited announcement. It has revealed that the Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) organization has exacted the move to carry out some major updates on its Clinical Practice Guideline .Basically, the guideline helps a huge deal in the diagnosis, Evaluation, Prevention as well as in the facing out of the Bone Disorder (CKD-MBD) and Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral.

Some top analysts observe the 2009 KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline as some amendment brought forth by the latest update. It showcases revised positions in regards to the current standards of care that are closely linked to the treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) for persons diagnosed with CKD stages 3 or 4.

Calcitriol and (1α-hydroxylated) vitamin D analogs are no longer recommended for routine use among patients. Those persons suffering from stage 4 or 5 CKD as well as those struggling with severe and progressive hyperparathyroidism are allowed to use the Calcitriol and (1α-hydroxylated) vitamin D analogs.

The guideline provided that the lately randomized clinical trials of calcitriol and its analogs did not in any way give a clear demonstration of any associated improvements. On the contrary, it showcased increased risk of hypercalcemia, a matter that led KDIGO to run into making the conclusion in line with the risk-benefit ratio. It posed it as being inappropriate for those persons with stage 3 or 4 CKD that wished to use it routinely.

Supplementation of Nutritional vitamin D with ergocalciferol or cholecalciferol till now has not yet been proven as an ideal form of treatment for SHPT.

The Professor of Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine, Michael J. Germain while recently addressing a board meeting said, “SHPT is one of the most common complications of CKD and, unfortunately, it has also been historically difficult to treat due to a lack of an effective and appropriate, FDA-approved treatment option.”

Over the years, there have been a wide range of the unmet needs that have existed in the treatment of SHPT. According to Globenewswire, the top provider has revealed its intention to work closely with health care professionals and physicians in a bid to address the various needs with Rayaldee.