Overland Storage Inc (NASDAQ:OVRL) and TANDBERG AS NOK (OTCMKTS:TADBF), which are subsidiaries of Sphere 3D Corp (NASDAQ:ANY) have over the years offered customers top end storage services. Today, the two business leaders are excited to unveil their new brand and logo Overland-Tandberg™.

According to Yahoo, the new Overland-Tandberg brand is an elaborate representation of about 30 years of history, superior service, trust, and data protection leadership. It provides a comprehensive portfolio for storage, disaster recovery, backup, data protection and archiving.

A lot of business today are going through difficult times protecting themselves against malicious software like Ransomware, Trojans and crypto viruses. Recently, the world encountered a pressing virus challenge. The global “Wannacry” attack was one of a kind. It culminated into a widespread and critical disruption such that most of the businesses were paralyzed for over some time.

The threat levels are escalating with the passage of time and thus there is great need for the wide range of businesses to take up the right measures to guard important data. A real businessman or woman understands how crucial data storage and quick recovery is in a bid to guard the business from any form of malicious attack.

Any business needs a comprehensive multi-tiered backup and recovery plan and that is exactly what you get by subscribing to services from the Overland-Tandberg solutions. Of course there is the “online” and “offline.”

The imperative component is the “offline” considering that it is fully disconnected from the online processes. No network can be used to access it and thus the various invaders can’t interfere. On the other hand, the integrated “online” puts the level of disruption to a minimum and that is of course because of the fast recovery and the associated business continuity aspects that accompany it.

The Senior Manager Components & Networking working with the company said, Sumru Gerken, while addressing a press conference said, “As a long-time partner of both Overland Storage and Tandberg Data, Ingram Micro is very happy to hear that Overland-Tandberg is now going to market as one strong, combined data storage brand. We are convinced that the resulting joint go-to-market activities, processes and services will address the needs of our broad resellers, VARs and systems integrators to answer today’s challenges in data protection.”