The recent study conducted by Jaguar Animal Health Inc. (NADAQ:JAGX) was based on the need to develop and commercialize the best gastrointestinal pharmaceuticals for the global marketplace. The product under study has been developed from the use of sustainable derived plants used by the traditional people living in the rainforest areas in Argentina. The study, according to sources was undertaken in Argentina and was tittles, “Safety and efficacy of a combined paste formulation of Neonorm. Upon the completion of his study, Jaguar will be able to release the product into the market. The descriptions of the drug will be: Foal, a botanical extract of the latex of Croton lecheri and probiotics for the treatment of watery diarrhea in nursing foals”

Apparently, the study done by jaguar has been accepted for publication by the Analecta Veterinaria. The Analecta Veterinaria, according to sources indicates that it is one of the largest publisher of bi-annual, peer-reviewed publication of the faculty of Veterinary Science of the National University of la Plata in Argentina.

What Was the Jaguar Study All About?

According to Dr. Siobhan McAuliffe who is the primary investigator in the study, the non-drug anti-diarrheal for newborn horses will come in an orally-administered paste form. He also expressed the fact that the study was a randomized, multi-site, blind-controlled study, which took place in the year 2015. According to this main source, the objectives of study was to determine or assess the safety, tolerability and efficacy of Neonorm Foal for treatment of foals suffering from secretory of watery diarrhea.  The study involved monitoring and evaluating the development of the foals selected for study within 71 hours of administering the drugs.

The Study by Jaguar Could Bring About New Effective Drugs into the Market

The study was made easier by dividing the foals into three groups and drugs were administered three times a day. This was followed by administration of ultrasounds and collection of blood sample for investigation. By the end of the study, it was clear, according to veterinary analysts such as Lisa Conte who said that, “we’re thrilled that this study has been accepted for publication by Analecta Veterinaria”. The CEO also expressed the fact that this new development will redefine the standard of care for management of diarrhea.

Jaguar Animal Health closed yesterday’s trading session at $ 0.17 after improving by $ 0.00 or 0.48%.