It is now clear that My Size Inc. (TLV:MYSZ) is now climbing to be one of the software developers of modern smart phone applications using modern technologies. According to different sources, MySize has recently announced the completion of its new measurement technologies using smartphones. In a meeting where the RealSize, was launched and placed at the Apple app store as one of the most competitive applications.

According to many analysts, the introduction of this application will ensure that Apple becomes as competitive as other devices from different companies. Though it is still early to tell how the product will fair in the market, many expect that it will enhance better experience to the lovers of apple apps.

RealSize Will Enhance Online Purchase Customer Experience

With the launching of the White Label RealSize Apparel Measurement App it is believed that its breakthrough on the Trucco website in the coming future will be enormous and that the customers will enjoy the new product in Spain. Interestingly, according to business analysts, the RealSize was developed using the apparent measurements applications developed by MySize. The designing was also based on the company’s custom settings hence enhancing customer experience which will boost customer service and experience.

The Attractive Side of the RealSize Application

According to Billy Pardo, the Chief of product at MySize Inc. “Online shoppers can now have the power to choose the right size of clothing every time because the new applications will enable them to buy cloths based on the right measurements” The app will help them to use the TrueSize or the associated white label app. With this, there will be no wasting of money and time with incorrect size which might be encountered during purchasing of garments. This according to the Chief Product Manager at MySize will promote a win-win situation between the customer and the retailer.

The App might be new to many but it said that it is one of the simplest apps to use. For instance if one needs to buy a shirt on the Trucco website, for the case of online shoppers; they will need to identify a product they need and just use the app in determining whether the shirt has the right dimensions as per hi/her body figure.

My Size Inc. Stock closed yesterday’s trading session at $410.90 after declining $8.20 or 1.96%.