Rennova Health Inc (NASDAQ:RNVA) a vertically integrated provider firm of popular supportive software and diagnostics solutions to healthcare providers, reported that Medical Mime, Inc. has introduced version III of its flagship Electronic Health Records product M2Select.

Medical Mime is owned by company’s IT solutions segment and subsidiary unit, Health Technology Solutions, Inc. Its objective is to advance and offer exceptionally intuitive, effective and simplified healthcare IT solutions that fulfill the unique requirements of medical practitioners.

The details

Rennova reported that M2Select is an Electronic Health Records personalized for the addiction treatment industry. The latest features introduced in version III of its M2Select product are custom forms modernization, treatment plan editor, iPad update and UI refresh. Custom Forms Modernization is a new method to create and utilize custom forms for numerous client workflows such as intake, verification of benefits, group session, treatment plans, case management, etc.

Treatment plan editor is an ability to utilize library of DSM-V treatment strategies, customize them, or even establish specific plans from scratch including symptoms, objectives, goals, interventions for individual care and treatment. Next is iPad update which focuses more on functionality and major bug fixes; full application of above custom forms and therapies. The focus also remains on consistency with browser/desktop version and use of iPad specific capabilities.

Last feature is of UI Refresh which focuses on modern and clean looking new UI with innovative theme, new logo and colors across all segments of product. Seamus Lagan, the CEO of Rennova, reported that they continue to invest in developing quality software solutions that will confirm a long term association with their clients. They consider that their focus on quality, integration and ease of use will enable them to increase their client bases with the services they offer and grow their recurring revenue source from this segment of their business.

Dr. Thomas Laussermair, the VP IT Engineering, said that it marks the single biggest launch they have done in the preceding two years. It indicates the culmination of numerous incremental feature improvements proposed by company’s client as well as design and quality improvements.